Ty Keele

Ty grew up and still lives in a small town called Longview in southwest Washington.  Longview is positioned along the Columbia River with lots of great Salmon and Steelhead fishing along with many other smaller rivers in the area with great fishing options.  Longview is also surrounded by vast timberlands owned by large timber companies with thousands of acres of wilderness to recreate on. Ty’s Dad, who worked his whole life for one of these big timberland companies building roads, was no stranger to the outdoors.  As a young child he would place Ty and his brothers in the outdoors as much as possible.  Whether it be fishing a river or small lake, a drive to the woods in search of wildlife to view, camping, or hunting he was never short on options to be outdoors doing something.  Above all though, Ty fell in love with hunting.  Even before he was old enough to hunt he remembered getting up early on school days to the smell of Dads coffee, in hopes of him letting Ty skip school to tag along on one of his hunts with him.  Ty learned a lot from his Dad, Grandparents, and Uncles about hunting in those years, and before long he was old enough to be packing that old 30-30 lever action around in pursuit of his own game. Ty has always been bit of a extremist when he gets involved in something, going head first and putting all his effort into whatever his interests are.  Ty now has children of his own that he is passing the outdoors tradition onto.  His daughter has hunting success stories of her own now, and there is no more accomplished feeling than when a person can witness his child gripping those antlers of her first buck with a big grin on her face.  Hunting is more to Ty than just killing an animal and filling a freezer, its times spent with family, or places Ty as been, or the sights that he seen that Ty would otherwise never know existed.  Ty hopes to make many more memories in the years to come, pursuing his passions for the outdoors.