Jake Kepler

Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, outdoor opportunities were abundant for me growing up.  I spent most of my free time fishing or hunting something, and when I couldn’t do that I trapped fur. Fly fishing however, is my addiction.  I remember regularly having to run laps at baseball practice for showing up late because I had to squeeze in just an hour, or two, of fishing before practice.  In 2005 I made a trip out to Gunnison to pick up a friend and do some fly fishing in the area.  My mind was blown.  The next year I started working in Gunnison as a fly shop lackey and occasional guide.  Now, 12 years later, I work as a full time fly fishing and bird hunting guide and make my home in Montrose, Colorado.  In the spring through late summer, I float guide the Gunnison River from top to bottom.  Mostly, I guide 3 day fly fishing trips through the Gunnison Gorge and catch some of the biggest prettiest trout in some of the most remote areas you can fish in the lower 48.  I don’t go to the beach or take summer vacations.  That job literally consumes me every day, and I love it.  In the fall, when I finally get some days to myself, my addiction becomes chasing bugling bulls around and finding upland birds with my black lab.  Waterfowl hunting around here is pretty good too.  Even the coldest darkest days of winter you’ll find me ice fishing for giant Mackinaws.  I live for the outdoors and would never have it any other way.   It seems most of my early life was just preparing me for life out here in Colorado and I’m so fortunate that I was able to intertwine my loves with career goals.  My clients always ask why I moved out here and I always say, “I just needed a bigger fish tank”.