Clint Stout

Clint grew up in Brookville, Pennsylvania where he learned to love and respect nature. He pursued wrestling to the University of Wyoming, and the University of Maryland, where he was a letter winner three years in a row. It was during his college experience that he was introduced to intense physical fitness at over 7,000 feet above elevation.  He graduated with a degree in Natural Resource Management. Clint was offered a position with Whitetail Properties Real Estate LLC in Eastern Ohio and he seized the opportunity to work in an outdoor industry. Shortly thereafter, he was approached by Sitka Gear, a subsidiary of W. L. Gore associates, to become an ambassador for the whitetail line of gear.  He has had hunting experience across North America, including guiding Dall sheep hunts in Alaska. Clint lives in the Brookville area where resides in a small cabin that he built, and continues to work and manage his family’s properties.


Logan Stout

Logan grew up in an outdoor family. Everyone in the family holds a deep appreciation for the outdoors in their own way, Logan included.  Ever since his father would bring small pocket knives as gifts from business trips, and always had his own EDC (though he'd never heard that term) that he used for everything, Logan had an appreciation for knives and outdoor tools. Logan first stepped into the world of tool making in college when he decided to make his first knives with a hack saw, bench grinder, and a hand belt sander held vertically in a vice. Logan's appreciation for knives and other tools lies in their pure practicality; everyone uses knives whether it be for hunting, fishing, food preparation, or just opening boxes and envelopes. Logan lives in the city now, but find respite in the outdoors as often as he can, especially at his family camp on the West Branch of the Susquehanna. Logan's vision for Wilderness Tools LLC is to provide other outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds with tools and equipment that help them to enjoy nature as much as possible.